mercredi 24 juillet 2013

Closing of the Business Game

This afternoon left some time for CELEBRATING with the students and providing the results of the Business Game.

The Passport Mae Sot team

A little ceremony was organised in The Passport Restaurant.

All the teams received a gift and a special prize was handed to the winning team.

Part of the activity was a degustation of Italian Sparkling wine. A premiere for the students!

A very special thank to Mahieu Paquerot from LMBG, for animating the game. The students truly enjoyed it and had a good dose of Learning on topics they never approached.
The whole exercise was driven in a fun but efficient way.

Excel and Financial Discovery

This morning was dedicated to a set of precise calculations of the cost of recipes, potential prices of sales, hence the margins that could be realised on the various menus that were created in the past days.

Students were trained on Excel usage and did extremely well for a first time!
They also had an introduction to basic Financial management and manipulations.


Lalita, made a great job on the translation and assisting Mathieu Paquerot on the training.

mardi 23 juillet 2013

Results of the Contest

After the realisation of the dishes the students presented their production in the dining-room of The Passport Restaurant.

Incredible production for a single participant!

Best Starter for Ponchita and Somthida

A careful tasting and evaluation has been done by the jury and the teachers while giving some comments for improvement to the participants.

Suchart, Restaurant Teacher provided some guidance on the table decoration.

 The second and third year students also took part in the evaluation!

So far the group 1, composed of Patumwan and Tipawan is ahead of others.

Let's see what the Sales and Marketing as well as Financial activities are bringing tomorrow!

Cooking and Table Set-up Contest

This afternoon was the real deal : Cooking and table set-up contest

By group of two, they had 2 hours and a half to prepare 2 set menus : one for Thai cuisine and one for Western cuisine.

We used a "TOP Chef" format to get the students to compete on various parameters : taste and presentation of the dishes, organization and hygiene, table set-up originality, respect of the timing...

Cooking for the staff!

Table set-up in The Passport Restaurant - Mae Sot

All of them did incredibly good after a few month of training only.

Shopping at Fresh Market

Wednesday morning was shopping session!

After receiving an alloted amount of money for each team, the students went to purchase all their ingrédients. Fresh market in Mae Sot is full of gems to prepare tasty Thai and Western dishes!

Chef Lek leaded the group!

lundi 22 juillet 2013

First challenges.... and well-deserved break!

Mr Paquerot from LMBG presented the objectives of the business game to the students.
During the very efficient two hours of work the Hospitality and Catering Training Center students kept focused and took decisions on the first challenges : name of their restaurant as well as the style and the slogan.

That was one of the first team brainstorming they had to do. Here are some of the results :
- "Close friends place" is the name of Team number 3 restaurant!
- "Come for Spicy and Healthy food" is the slogan of team number 2
The whole exercice showed to be very positive for pedagogical and education purposes on the cooking and restaurant aspects.

After a well-deserved break the students finalized the ingredient list with Chef Lek

See you tomorrow morning at the fresh market for food shopping!

Business game for 1st year students

Today and for the next 2 days HCTC is welcoming Mathieu Paquerot, coming from the University of La Rochelle in France. He will be animating a business game with our first year students!


The game will get 4 teams of students to work on creating a virtual restaurant, managing and commercialising it.


They will have to imagine the restaurant name, slogan and key-selling point then elaborate the recipes and build a menu. Tomorrow they will do purchase at the fresh market  and cook the dishes then present it to a jury composed of HCTC's teachers.


Finally the student will have to calculate the cost of their recipe as well as the selling price and present it in an Excel file.

The best team will receive a special price!


Follow-us for the coming days, we will post pictures and results!

Launch of the business game